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Appointment Ticket

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Atomic Autoworks is a small custom car, truck and motorcycle shop located in Middlefield Ct. Atomic is here solely to provide cool parts, vehicles and services to customers around the world. Custom products and services are a cool and personal touch for everyone. The hard part about building custom products is, if customers decide they don't want them or have a financial issue while the build is in process, Atomic is not able to sell the completed product for full value and sometimes unable to sell at all. In efforts to protect from this, this " Appointment Ticket" structure has been created and seems to be the best way for both parties to stay committed to the build process. 

If you are looking to have a custom product made by Eddie Barrett and his small team of skilled builders, this is how the process works. . All work is first come first serve. 

1) Email or call (860) 807-3913 and let atomic know what you are looking to have made. Atomic will confirm the next available appointment date.

2) If you are happy with that date, email Atomic and state you are happy and will purchase an appointment ticket. Now you can move to the next step

3) You can purchase one of four " Appointment Tickets " here.

                Ticket A ( $250.00) is for product or services valued under $500.00 USD.

                Ticket B ($375.00) is for product or services valued $501.00-$1000.00 USD.

                Ticket C ($800.00)is for product or services valued at $1001.00 - $2000.00                                

                Ticket D (1600..00) is for work or services that are valued $2001.00 -$3500.00

Any product or service valued higher than $3500.00, please contact an Atomic representative

Once you have made your non refundable purchase  for your " Appointment ticket ", you will receive your "Appointment Ticket" via email. 

Your product or service will begin on said date. Once completed you will be notified and provided a link for you to pay the remaining balance and then your product will ship.