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Atomic Auto Interiors

Welcome to Atomic Autoworks auto Interior upholstery page..

Vehicle interior restoration and personalization is a must. Restoring antique and classics or even small interior restorations and repairs to your every day vehicle.   Not looking for an average interior? Let the Atomic team design a and fabricate a  new out of this world interior. What you will receive from an Atomic designed interior is not just a cool look, however with over 30 years experience Atomic interiors function. From designing the popper part for you to making sure every part fits well, aligns well and works properly .

Interior Upholstery Restoration & Repair
In an ever changing world Atomic has made the connections with suppliers around the world to source hard to find materials. With a team of perfectionists you can rest assured every step is taken to preserve your vehicle.

Carpet Replacement
If your looking to replace your vehicles carpet for necessity or just to add a special look, Atomic has many options. As an authorized dealer for many drop in carpet manufactures, Atomic will source the best looking and fitting carpet and floor mats. In the case were carpets are obsolete or you require a custom made carpet, Atomic makes them from scratch as well.

One Off Hand Crafted Atomic Interiors

With over three decades building custom interiors from scratch, Atomic is the best choice for your custom vehicle interior needs. The process begins with a hand and computer designed interior and then moves to the actual build process. A fun and exciting approach into auto interior design.

Headliner Repair & Replacement

For over thirty years Atomic has been replacing headliners in antique vehicles, classic, late models and customs. If you cant buy it Atomic can make it.

Seat Repairs & upgrades
Lets face it 90% of our time with our vehicles is in our vehicles. This means the interior of your vehicle is the most important part of your motoring experience.

Convertible Tops Installation
To answer the much asked question we will not install convertible tops from non name band manufactures. Past experiences prove they are inferior and in 99% of the time take longer to install and cost more for labor than the savings of the lower cost top.Atomic services all makes & model vehicles, from hand made tops for antique vehicles to your every day ride.

Vinyl Top Installs
With a lack of skilled technicians installing vinyl tops, Atomics team has been performing these installations for over three decades. Real  time experience on a wide range of vehicles.If you cant find one Atomic can make one. .


 Plymouth Hot rod custom diaomnd stitch interior upholstery

1950 Ford custom led sled interior upholstery Connecticut


Toyota Tundra custom seat black tan diamond stitch

Customized harley davidson motorcycle seat

Auto interior upholstery Atomic Auto Interiors