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Legends Podcats

Who is Atomic Autoworks ?

Atomic Autoworks is a unique company dedicated to the promotion of the automotive aftermarket. Atomic is all about car, truck and motorcycle life. Starting as a behind the scenes look into our custom shop "Eddie Barrett's Auto Moto ", Atomic has evolved into a different kind of company. Merging the old local restoration & customization shop ( Eddie Barret's Auto Moto), still working with shops, builders, manufactures and every day people however also keeping Atomic's education and entertainment side dedicated to promoting the industry in a positive manor .

What is the legends Podcast?

Working with so many great people over the years Atomic feels a tremendous loyalty to showcase the people in our industry that make it what it is. Its not all about big celebrities and famous people, its about real people and real stories. Atomic's focus for late 2022 and most of 2023 will be local Legends in the North East, and then expanding.  Asside from listening to the podcast, full edited videos are available on YouTube at " atomicautoworkstv "


We welcome all people who are interested on working with us to build a better community. We try to keep our podcast family friendly however it is not. You will here a lot of "Shop Talk" so be prepared and keep the children away. If you are interested please email customize@atomicautoworks.com or call 860-807-3913.


Currently the Atomic Podcast is funded solely by Atomic Autoworks. It is an extremely low key and personal  podcast. We are open to working with anyone interested in helping us to promote our industry. The " Legends " podcast is currently in production however episodes will not air until late October/ Early November. If anyone is interested in sponsoring or working with Atomic please email customize@atomicautoworks.com or call 860-807-3913.