The Atomic Gold Club

What Does your Gold club membership entitle you to?

Discounted labor rates.( labor is $175.00 per hour You Pay 122.50 )

Discounted parts and materials (Normal mark up is 35% yours is only 20%)

Extra services like Photo and Video updates.

Plus more


How do you qualify for this club?

1) If you are a long time returning customer who has had a full custom build or restoration. .

2) A new customer who is in the process of a full custom build or restoration.. 


Welcome to the Atomic Gold Club. This is a special club for long time customers as well as customers who are participating in full custom builds or restorations. we know that you are eager to have your vehicle built and want priority service. Lets face it the only way to move projects along quick is if we work and you pay.

If you qualify for this club, you will be automatically accepted and notified, however you will need to maintain the requirements, or these privileges will be revoked.

Every Friday we close out our billing at 12 Noon. We will email you your spread sheet that afternoon. You will be billed for, (That previous week's labor plus the next weeks invoices projected parts and materials). You will be expected to pay within three business days or on the agreed upon date. Failure to do so will result in the following.

1) Loss of position in schedule.

2) Loss of priority Status.

3) Loss of guarantees for projected goal completion dates.

4) You will have to prepay for all future work in order to go on the scheduled.

5) You will lose your discounted labor rate and be billed retail labor for all future work.

6) You will lose special parts and materials discount.


Storage: Customers are given a 7-day grace period of storage fees from last invoice emailed or agreed upon payment date. On the eighth day a $140.00 indoor fee will be applied daily until payment is received. On the sixteenth day if account is not current all vehicles and parts will be moved to cold storage. You will then be billed $80.00 per day for cold storage until all past due invoices and accrued fees are paid. After 30 Days we will begin the process of filing paperwork with the state of Connecticut to acquire your vehicle to sell for outstanding balance. 

Our goal is to work with you to complete your dream ride. We are here to listen and if you have any issues or concerns please let us know. If you want us to make you a priority then please make us a priority.

If you know you will have issues paying please let us know before we start work.We will gladly work with you at your pace however we do need to know ahead of time.

Please remember that any delays processing payments will obviously result in a delay of the build.


We accept many forms of payment. Cash, Bank wire transfers, direct ACH, Check , money order , credit cards online, in person or over the phone.