Subaru Leather and Vinyl Seat repair

One of the most common issues we run into is leather and vinyl seat pair rips, tears, and cracks. We wanted to show you a before and after of a Subaru seat we repaired.

Subaru Leather Vinyl Seat repair Connecticut

Many times when you bring your car to an upholstery shop for a seat repair they give you the option of a leather vinyl repair kit/patch or the replacement of the "Panel"might sew in a new piece of leather, cloth or vinyl. Here are some pros and cons.

1) Price. A leather / vinyl repair is usually quite a bit less expensive as you do not have to remove and disassemble the seats.

2) Longevity, A patch repair usually last 2 years whereas a panel replacement will last around 5-6 years or more .

One thing we have found with patch and even the panel replacement is if you do not patina the seat it will be a lot newer than the original material and show. therefore we try to always patina the material by airbrushing and dying the materials to match the age of the vehicle.

Subaru Leather Vinyl Seat repair Ct