Happy To Work With So Many new Customers.

First off we would like to thank everyone who has been referring us for work for so many years. For many years we have worked close with so many other shops and have had some great times and met true friends. We have lost many upholstery shops in our area over the last few years. We are honored that so many people have been recommending us for work from the recently closed upholstery shops.  Kenny From Redan Upholstery formerly located in Newington Ct (Berlin) was a very nice person who helped us out a few times over the years when we had material delivery issues and in a pinch, always great to work with and he and I would refer customers to each other when in a pinch. We have also noticed a large increase in referrals from Deb's Upholstery in Meriden Ct, We have had people come in saying the owner had referred them to us and we appreciate that. Currently with the closing of that shop we have received many new customers. Recnetly we have had an influx of customers from Southington Connecticut former customers of CZ's auto upholstery. We welcome there business and again thank everyone for the referrals .