Vintage Collection Low Back Bucket Seats

Atomic Autowork's low-back, bucket, bomber-style seats are the best looking, most comfortable seats available.

• Sold in pairs (2 seats) $949.00 USD
• Wrapped in vintage distressed vinyl. 
• Choose from one of many color options. ( Make sure to select your color vinyl and stitch on the sidebar)
• Standard pleat
• Only 15 lbs per seat
• Seats measure 17.5" x 21 3/3"x 23.5" (width x height x depth) 
• Cushion height is 2" from the floor at buttocks and 4" at the under-knee bolster 

To order a custom seat, call us at (860) 807-3913 or email form.

Don't be fooled by impostors. Demand Atomic Autowork's.

Depth is the distance from the wall to the front edge of the seat when the seat is placed on the floor with its back against a 90-degree wall.

Ale standard pleat

Toffee low back bucket seats

Toffee Full Diamond Stitch

Vintage Collection Toffee Full Diamond

Sherry standard pleat 

Sherry Vintage low back bucket seats

Tabaco Standard pleat

Tabaco standard pleat low back bucket seats

Coal standard pleat 

Coal vintage series standard pleat seats