The difference between detailing & reconditioning.

Looking to clean up your vehicle however not sue if you need it detailed or reconditioned ? This can prove to be challenging & confusing for many.. We all want tour vehicle to look better like new forever and lets face it many of us love our vehicles and don't see a need in purchasing a new vehicle just to be disappointed. These days we are seeing a rise in customers refurbishing there older vehicles. What can be easily and affordably corrected to give you a new vehicle feel? This is one of our most asked questions.  A properly reconditioned vehicle will appear more expensive and demand a higher price if sold.

Reconditioning Versus Detailing

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The easiest way to explain this is, detailing is a basically cleaning and protecting your vehicle in its current condition. It is also the first and last steps in the process of reconditioning . A good detailing job consists of thoroughly cleaning (inside and out) and preserving a car so it looks and feels he best that particular vehicle can in its current condition. Reconditioning is the art and hard work of correcting the many problems your vehicle may have received over the years. Things like, Interior and exterior minor cosmetic damages to small to send to a body shop or interior shop however larger than a car wash or detailer can handle. repairs. Reconditioning can include all kinds of repairs, such as headlight restoration, paint chip repair, plastic trim restoration, repairing holes and tears in cloth, fixing dents and dings, vinyl and leather repair, carpet dying and rejuvenation, foul odor-removal, and on goes the list to include any kind of mechanical or cosmetic repair needed to bring the vehicle up to standards for presenting on the lot.

Atomic Autoworks Takes Reconditioning Your Vehicle Seriously

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Atomic Autoworks, takes pride in reconditioning your vehicle. Why? Because we have been committed to the automotive appearance industry for over two decades and proud of it. Atomic would never settle for anything other than perfection hen working on your car, truck or motorcycle. 

 If you’re ready to experience the atomic difference, come visit us in Middlefield Ct today!